How to order coffee in Spain?

Have you ever tried to order a cup of coffee in Spain? If you are a coffee lover visiting Spain might disappoint you a bit. More likely that here to order your favourite coffee might be harder than you might expect. Forget about espresso, cappuccino or double americano and other caffeine-rich drinks that make you feel so happy in your daily life. In Spain everything is different and coffee too.

coffee in spain

If you planning to visit Spain you definitely need to try local coffee.
No worries, it is normal usual coffee, made from the same coffee seeds like in all world around, but the way they serve it is a little bit different.

So let’s go for a coffee break

First and foremost, you need to remember, if in the morning you are going to a bar to ask: “One double espresso, por favor!” – let me disappoint you, most likely you won’t get it.  If it is not a very touristic place, probably, no one won’t get a clue what do you want from them. Because in a typical Spanish bar these names – espresso, americano, cappuccino etc. – don’t exist.

Curious fact
Coffee in Spain is usually served in small glasses or cups rather than in the kind of big mugs used by Starbucks.
glass of coffee served in glass in spain

Here is a little guide about how coffee is named and how it tastes like in sunny Spain

This is what a typical Spanish bar can offer you:

Cafe solo – it is what people used to call “espresso” in all around the world. The strongest coffee which serves the basis for all other Spanish types of coffee.

Cortado – it is the same as “café solo”, the same quantity of coffee but with a small hint of milk. Usually is served in a small glass.

Café con leche – espresso with a bigger amount of milk.

Leche Manchada – the big quantity of milk with a little bit of coffee.

Bombón –  espresso with condensed milk, in quantity 50/50. My favourite combination!

Carajillo –  coffee with alcohol, which can be rum, brandy or whisky. The real carajillo isn’t just to put rum into the coffee. The alcohol should be heated with some coffee beans and lemon peel, then the freshly brewed coffee would be added to the mixture and then filtered the coffee beans and the lemon peel.

Café con hielo – coffee that serves in a small cup with the glass of ice on the side. All you need to do is to pour your hot coffee into a cold glass and enjoy it during the summer heat.

Curious fact
In Spain people used to drink coffee not as caffeine-fix in order to wake up. Most popular are café solo, café con leche y cortado. Also, bear in mind that in other regions the names might be slightly different.
ordering coffee in spain

This Coffee is different but tasty!

Of course, in more touristic places, or Starbucks and other known franchise, you can easily find everything you used to drink in your daily life named as you used to order it. But Starbucks, you can easily visit in your hometown, right? And travelling we always like to try something different, something that is from the culture what we have come to discover, no?

So, if you really love coffee and want to discoverеру Mediterranean culture, it is highly recommendable to try all those coffee drinks, and indeed, it might be your most memorable coffee experience ever.

By the way, the situation with tea in Spain is even more interesting than with coffee. So if after reading this, coffee lovers could think that Spain is very cruel to them. But please, don’t get upset! With tea lovers, this country acts even worse! Because to find good tea – it is like searching for snow in South Africa.