The first destination chosen by tourists travelling to Europe and the third most visited in the world, statistics show that Spain is visited by more than 75 million tourists every year. So why do people love to visit Spain?

From breathtaking landscapes and sunny beaches to an astonishing cultural heritage and fine cuisine. Spain offers a varied spectrum of leisure activities for all ages, interests and budgets.

Spain has many things to offer

1. The Weather

Spain has one of the most stable weathers of the region.  With sunny blue skies most of the year, it is an ideal destination to be visited at any time. If you are packing your bags to visit Spain you may want to leave your umbrella at home!

san and cloud picture

2. The “Blue Flag” Beaches

Whether you want to relax under the sun, enjoy a day party, surf, take a boat trip or enjoy the urban beaches, Spain has it all!

Spain has more than 8000 kilometres of coastline. It is within the top of the ranking of countries with most beaches awarded with the “blue flag”.  And the best part, all of them are free! If you are planning a low budget holiday this is an option on how to visit Spain cheaper!

The best sites for beach holidays in Spain:

  • You can visit the volcanic beaches on the Islas Canarias.
  • The crystal clear and warm waters of the beaches in Murcia, or the beaches in Andalucía with breathtaking sunsets.  It is always the best time to travel to Spain! Even if you are planning to travel in winter, the beaches won’t disappoint you.
  • The beaches in Asturias and Paises Bajos, surrounded by magnificent green landscapes, are very different from southern ones.
  • Islas Baleares with the cliffs and clear waters are definitely worth visiting.
  • Once you are feeling more energetic and need some party in your life, Ibiza welcomes you! It is famous for its parties at the beach. The electronic music, drinks and nonstop fun during the day and night.
  • With waves of almost 4 meters,  Mundaka in Vizcaya has been chosen by surfers from all over the world. It hosted the World Surf Championship for 7 years.  
  • There are also many urban beaches. Have a look at Valencia, Sitges, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Alicante or Benidorm. They offer a good infrastructure, bars, restaurants, coffee shops and city life to enjoy during the day or night.

3. A Travel Into The Past

With the influence of different cultures and empires, travelling in Spain is a travel into the past.  From the Celtics, Greeks, Romans, Visigoths, Arabs and Christians, visiting Spain is an authentic journey into time.

The Castle of Guadalest

Madrid will show the visitors the magnificent architecture and culture that is reflected in some of the most famous buildings in the city.  The National Museum del Prado, built 1786, The Royal Palace of Madrid, the Puerta de Alcalá, with a neoclassical style that used to welcome visitors coming from France and Aragon are some of the many attractions that the city has to offer.

La Alhambra (in Granada), with the influence of the Arabic culture, the Mosque cathedral in Cordoba and the Roman ruins in Mérida are also some of the reminiscences of Spain´s varied history and culture.

4. A Travel Into The Future

Apart from its rich history, Spain is also well known for its modern and high-tech architecture.

One of its greatest exponents is the City of Arts and Science in Valencia.  With museums and an Oceanographic, it has become the main attraction of the city.   Torre Agbar, in Barcelona, was built in 2005 and with 145 meters high is the third tallest building in Barcelona.   The Four Towers of Madrid, located at the skyline of the city, represent the financial centre of Madrid.

5. Visit Spain during “Fiesta” Time!

Visiting Spain is not only about beaches and history but also endless fiestas and festivals throughout the year. 

two men holding spanish flag

Las Fallas, in Valencia, is one of the most famous and unique parties in Spain.   Named by the UNESCO as a World Heritage, the city celebrates in March with endless parties, music and food. Visited by almost 3 million tourists every year, this festival is known for its giant “fallas”, artistic monuments that will later be set on fire to celebrate the festival.

“Las Fallas” in Valencia

When talking about nightlife, Spain has restaurants, bars and discotheques where the party can last until the sunrise. 

Especially during the weekends, Madrid offers an animated nightlife.  From the distinguished Salamanca, the underground style of Malasaña or the trendy nightclubs from Gran Via or Sol, this cosmopolitan city has an option for every style and budget. 

Barcelona is well known by the electronic and techno music.  The area of Poble Nou is known by the rock, pop and indie music styles.

Worldwide known, Ibiza has some of the most unforgettable and long-lasting parties.  Famous DJ´s and celebrities are part of the usual landscape.

6. Bon Appétit!

Another reason why you should visit Spain is the authentic rich gastronomy in the region.

Experience the typical Paella, Jamón Iberico, the tapas, or the potatoes “tortilla” will make you want to come back to Spain more than once in your lifetime!

Seafood paella

Spanish gastronomy is composed of regional gastronomies. While the north of Spain is known by the freshest seafood and fish, the central and south areas are known by the use of different meat and rise on the dishes. 

drinking wine in spain

Spain is also a recognized wine producer.  Surrounded by beautiful landscapes of mountains and green areas, some of the most famous vineyards can be visited by the tourists on a tour guide and wine tasting. Regions such as La Rioja, Castilla y León, Galicia, Valencia have many authentic wine cellars (called “bodegas” in Spanish). Also, Spanish “cava” (sparkling wine similar to champagne) is a must-try!

Last but not least the hospitality, friendly and welcoming local people will make visiting Spain an unforgettable experience.

From the beach to the countryside, from ancient history to modern architecture, from green landscapes to fabulous nightlife, Spain is everything that you expect and more than you can imagine!